Opportunities and hurdles in procurement and the supply chain. AI will enable proactive decision making. Is resistance to change at the heart of your team? CBRS is a type of private LTE providing robust local connectivity. We need to have better coverage inside buildings and in remote locations, like on ships. AI can improve the power of prediction and the need for speed in decision making and help overcome the hurdle of people and their biases.

1 AI in the Supply Chain
Peggy talks about opportunities and hurdles in procurement and the supply chain. She says that there will be an increased use of AI (artificial intelligence) that will enable proactive decision making and there will be unknown challenges that crop up in the supply chain. She suggests that listeners ask themselves if resistance to change is at the heart of your team. Ask this: Is it a hurdle or a fear?
2 Private LTE Explored
Peggy and Daniel Quant, vice president of strategic development, MultiTech, sit down to talk about CBRS, a type of private LTE and the opportunities for businesses that are looking for robust local connectivity. He explains that about 40% of coverage inside building is not that great and that we need to have better, more robust connectivity within buildings. He also discusses connectivity in remote locations like on ships.
3 The Power of Prediction
Peggy and Joshua Peschel, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, talk about the power of prediction. He explains that there is a speed now where decisions have to be made in many industries and AI (artificial intelligence) can help. They discuss the biggest hurdle: people and biases.