1 The Future of Transportation
Peggy Smedley offers her insights on the future of transportation systems, focusing on EVs (electric vehicles). She also sets the stage for international automakers in 2018 and outlines the infrastructure changes needed to make EVs and autonomous vehicles a viable pillar of our future.
2 Connecting Physical and Cyber Physical
Dan Work, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, joins Peggy to detail how we can use cyber physical systems to design and build the fully connected roadways of the future. Dan also gives a glimpse into some of the challenges that comes with working toward these goals.
3 A Vision for Smart Homes
Andrew Thomas, cofounder and chief revenue officer, SkyBell, shares his vision of connected homes and the future of smart-security systems with Peggy. Andrew also talks about why he believes consumers connect with SkyBell, the feeling of liberation that connected technology can give us, and his own personal motivations.
4 Sim City Comes to Life
Michael Jansen, CEO, Cityzenith, has created a Sim City, but for real cities with 5D Smart World. Michael joins Peggy to outline what cities can do with this new technology and how big data can change the construction landscape.