Segment 1: Torrie Dunlap, CEO of Kids Included Together (KIT), is joined by Kathryn King, KIT’s Partnership Director, and Katie Lee, Director of Training & Youth Development Services for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BCA). Dunlap, King and Lee discuss the partnership between KIT and BCA that will focus on disability inclusion training and behavior support.

Segment 2: Colin Parent, Executive Director and General Counsel, talks about the organization’s mission to create healthy neighborhoods by advancing public transit funding and promote the building of more homes and jobs near public transit infrastructure. Parent chats about Vision Zero, a campaign to end traffic fatalities in San Diego by 2025.

1 Torrie Dunlap, CEO, Kids Included Together, Kathryn King, Partnership Director, Kids Included Together, Katie Lee, Sports, Fitness and Recreation Program Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of America
2 Colin Parent, Executive Director and General Counsel, Circulate San Diego