Segment 1: Southern California Fires, Flu season is off to a fast start, You can now talk to Santa via Alexa & Google Home; Must buy Star Wars Holiday Decor; Not surprising, smart luggage is banned by airlines; What its like to use Amazon Key; Is Amazon saying your packages were delivered – but they weren’t? Here’s why; Must read the reviews for this $9,000 Amazon item

Segment 2: T-Mobile calls out Verizon for 5G promises -which clearly can’t be met; How 5G works, Tune Up your computer; Facebook livestreams games on Messenger; Christmas movies; Movies; TV: The Magnificent Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime, Gilmore Girls on Netflix

1 News, Star Wars, Smart Luggage, Amazon Key, deliveries and Reviews
2 T-Mobile vs Verizon, Tune up time, Gaming on Facebook Messenger, TV & Movies