Dr. Deniz had the opportunity of having Leadership Coach, Dr. Neal Nybo on this show to discuss his principles which lead to creating healthy relationships and balance in one’s life. We touched on some of the key components of optimal and long-lasting Performance including emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Dr. Nybo has been in the “Kindness Business” for over 20 years as a Presbyterian Pastor and has a Doctorate in Organizational Conflict and Communication. Additionally, he has written 6 books including an Amazon #1 Best Seller, ” Move Forward, 7 Days to Life Changing Clarity an Direction.” Dr. Nybo is highly sought after for his expertise as a conference and retreat speaker; and as a Leadership Coach

1 Who is Dr. Neal Nybo?
2 What makes him different from other Pastors?
3 What are some of his principles leading towards healthy relationships and balance in life?
4 Testimonial on his personal experience as a client with Dr. Deniz