Guest 1: Blanca Romero, Regional Campaign Manager for NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected Officials), shares information about the importance of a full U.S. Census count in 2020, the under-representation of Latinos in this count, obstacles, and remedies.

Guest 2: Jose A. Cruz, CEO for Barrio Logan College Institute, chats about the mission of his organization “to prepare under-served students to enroll and succeed in college through after-school programs the begin in the third grade.”

1 Blanca Romero, NALEO, talks about the U.S. Census and targeting Latinos who are historically under-represented in the count.
2 Blanca Romero, Cont.
3 Jose A. Cruz, CEO, Barrio Logan College Institute, shares successes in putting Latino students on the pathway to college.
4 Jose A. Cruz,, Cont.