Guest 1: The San Diego Foundation
Brian Zumbano, Vice President and Chief Development & Stewardship Officer for The San Diego Foundation, and Donna Marie Robinson, a Foundation Board Member, talk about the Foundation’s unprecedented granting of $67.4 million to nonprofits in FY 2018. Zumbano and Robinson are joined by Roshawn Brady, Senior Vice President and Youth Programs Director for Access, Inc., a beneficiary of the Foundation’s giving.

Guest 2: Authors Dr. Vin Schroeter and Tommy Anderson
Dr. Vin Schroeter, psychotherapist and author of Communication Breakthrough: How Using Brain Science and Listening to Body Cues Can Transform Your Relationships, talks about the keys to effective communication. Dr. Schroeter is joined by fellow author and screenwriter Tommy Anderson to discuss his book, Haboob Wind, that will be made into a Hollywood movie.

1 The San Diego Foundation
2 Authors Dr. Vin Schroeter and Tommy Anderson