1 Destruction of Service
Host Peggy Smedley digs into data security and the risks facing smaller companies that might not be able to afford cutting-edge defenses. Peggy also tackles the recently released Cisco Cybersecurity Report, DeOS attacks, and the Cyber Shield Act of 2017.
2 Charging Untethered
Meredith Perry, founder and CEO, uBeam, joins Peggy to talk about how wireless power transmission is leading the charge into the future of device-power management. Perry explains what exactly ultrasound wireless charging is, how it works, and why her company, uBeam, has focused on it. She also gives her views into what it means to be a leader and how to motivate a modern, tech-savvy staff.
3 A Connected, Sustainable World
Andrew Scheuermann, founder and CEO, Arch Systems, has always been passionate about bringing technology into the physical world and has since dedicated his career to bridging the gap between the IoT (Internet of Things) and the real world. Scheuermann explains how he and his partner are using sensor technology to bring clean drinking water to remote parts of Africa and how modular sensor design combined with M2M communication is making it all possible.