Welcome back to AMA San Diego’s This Week in Marketing Podcast. This week we talk customer experience. From discovery to advocacy, the customer experience is integral to every part of a business. Our guests this week are Erika DiProfio, Director of Marketing, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa and Jeofrey Bean, Principal Consultant of Customer Experience at Del Mar Research. Jeofrey is also an author and instructor at UCSD.

In our first segment, we define the customer experience and talk about common misconceptions in the industry. Spoiler alert, it is NOT just customer service. We also briefly touch on the customer experience spectrum and how to prepare your team for the first consumer touch point.

The second segment starts with the “invisible hand” of the customer experience. From listening to promoting a brand, we chat about reaching and connecting with the target audience and how to internalize all of the data that your company receives.

In part three, we talk about reversing negative experiences. With the end goal of creating a brand advocate, we chat about the positives and negatives of responding and dealing with issues that come up. Social media and Web 2.0 changed the industry and we touch on when to be fun and when to take interactions seriously.

In the final segment, we talk about the connection between operations and marketing. With a history of the “old push and pull”, look out for a few great tips from our guests!

Thanks for listening and don’t forget about our listener competition and giveaway!