Jimmy Patino is as assistant professor for the Department of Chicano/Latino Studies at the University of Minnesota. Jimmy is a several generation Texan that grew up in Houston. He has also written a pleathera of articles about the Chicano movement. He attended a school with a majority of Anglo students. He did experience police harassment as a young teen. He credits his mother Linda with him going to college. It was never a question about “if” you are going to college but what college he would attend. Between 2005-2010 he attended graduate school at UCSD. At the same time Herman Back was donating a series of his papers to the Chicano Archives at UCSD. One of the condition of donating the papers was that an oral history component be added. Jimmy Patino became the person assigned to this project. His first step was to gain the trust of activist such as Herman Baca. Stories were shared as well as historical fact pertaining to immigration and the political process for Chicanos. Though most of the book focuses on the immigration ad deportation factors of the 1980’s they are very relevant to what we are seeing and hearing today. In addition to Herman, people written about in the book are very familiar to those involved in the Chicano movements. Names such as Augie Bareno, Roger and Norma Cazares, Gloria Jean Nieto to name only a few of the activist from San Diego. For anyone writing or studying about immigration this book is a must read. The committee on Chicano Rights was a leader in immigration reform and political activism often over looked. Los Angeles is often seen as the place that lead the Chicano movement however as you read this book you learn that San Diego Chicanos played a major role.

1 Growing up in Houston and being a Texan. / 2 Interning at UCSD and preserving oral history / 3 Sexism and racism within our community. / 4 Chicano studies and this book. Where does he go from here.