Sound Off! 2
Life expectancy rates
As a society we’ve kicked old people aside
We’re losing a lot of wisdom
Can’t trust a fart and don’t want to waste an erection – Richard Otey

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
Addressing our fears in 2018
Steve reflects on how the year has flown by, sharing that he got a lot done but he didn’t get it all done. Is part of the reason based on fear? He shares a story of being at a water slide with his sons watching all the young kids go down a giant water slide, while he couldn’t find the courage to do it.
Is fear preventing us from living out our WHAT? Can we change that for 2018?
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Soul-Full Sunday
Being Charitable All Year Round… Kinda
In Mary’s absence Steve, Richard, and Wade attempt to address being charitable all year round. That leads to a discussion about Salvation Army bell ringers and giving beggars money then later see them shopping. When you give without expectation of anything in return, it’s a different thing.

New Media Minute
Steve, Richard, and Wade discuss issues around artificial intelligence and whether or not we ought to be scared of the Echo’s and Alexa’s listening to conversation. Did we give permission when we plugged it in? Richard introduces Apple Clips. The question is, where do we draw the line?


Happy New Year!!!

1 Sound Off! 2
2 What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
3 Soul-Full Sunday
4 New Media Minute