On “THE ENRICHMENT HOUR” for Thursday, December 21st, my guest is MIKE MARABLE, author of “WHY AM I HERE? – A Handbook for the Human Experience.”

Mike Marable has been a successful business executive for the past 30 years, starting his first company, Healthcare Systems, in 1987, and the non-profit venture, Human Potentials, an organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and personal achievement.

Mike is currently the founder/CEO of BizVision Consulting (BizVisionconsulting(dot)com), and an environmental labor of love,the non-profit venture Green Energy Project (greenenergyproject(dot)earth. Green Energy is dedicated to helping people understand how they might make a difference in the world. We’ll also talk to Mike about a 12 year Kundalini opening he experienced, which was transformational to say the least.

For more information on Mike, go to: www.mikemarable.com.

1 What is your philosophy, spiritual point-of view, and how did you arrive there?? / 2 What led you to write your book? / 3 Tell us about BizVision Consulting and Green Energy Project.earth / 4 Where are we going?