This week in marketing is back with another fantastic installment! 

Today we discuss entering the local market with a twist: keeping an eye on the national market!

We have two fantastic guests today:  Les Kollegian, owner of Jacob Tyler Branding Agency, and Nick Apostolopoulos, owner of 619 Spirits. Nick is currently in the process of launching a special brand of vodka: 619 Vodka.

Segment 1:  

Segment one focuses on an overview of 619 Vodka and a bit about San Diego’s beer and spirit market. We also touch on how branding changes depending on the nature of the product and market that it is going to. 

Segment 2: 

The second segment focuses on imagry and copy to create brand messaging. We discuss some national vodka brands and dive deep into the components that go into building an authentic message for your customers. Spoiler alert: Small businesses can be authentic without spending millions on TV commercials like the big brands! 

Segment 3:

The third segment gets deep into the weeds. We discuss new product promotion and what local brands can do to capture an audience. Especially if your aim is national sales, Nick has some great tips on understanding your market and what to avoid. 

Segment 4: 

Segment 4 covers future proofing a local product for a company’s national goals. Les shares some tip on how businesses, in general, can work to mark sure their branding efforts keep up with trends and evolving consumer mindsets. Spoiler alert: a brand should change with their consumer! 

About the Hosts:

Sam Wheeler is the on the board of AMA San Deigo and the co-host of This Week in Marketing. He is a digital business consultant with Inseev Interactive and has spent the few last years working on improving the digital channels of e-commerce and lead generation companies. His current projects include Source Capital Funding’s Los Angeles expansion and a new accounting website called FinancePal

Kevin Svec is the co-host of This Week in Marketing and a Senior Copywriter and Chief Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. When he is not writing about marketing or business, Kevin is working on his travel and leisure website: Impulsive Wanderlust. The newest post is a fun NYC holiday guide.