There is a phenomenon in the environment that is causing song birds to lose their voice. Song birds have been noted to have less of a song then they used to. This effects their mating and is causing a decrease in song birds in the wild. The science is clear that this is because of mercury toxicity in the environment. Mercury, like Cadmium and Lead come from industrial processes and get deposited into our environment at much higher rates than they did in the past. It is not just birds who are suffering. We are as well. As rates of heavy metals have increased in the environment, so has Autism, problems with attention and concentration, as well as certain cancers. Even different cardiovascular conditions are made worse by heavy metals. From our fish to our birds to ourselves, heavy metals have a detrimental effect on health. However, we are not stuck in place with no answers. There are many nutritional therapies from foods to botanicals that can help us to eliminate excessive metal toxicity and return ourselves to a state of health, naturally!