Brandon is well known in the industry as a non-conventional eCommerce seller with over 16 years of eCommerce trailblazing experience where he’s known for doing things before the rest of the seller community follow his lead. Many eCommerce selling strategies viewed as “Best Practices” today have Brandon’s finger print all over them.

Brandon has been featured on the Entrepreneur Channel, winner of the e-business man of the year award and many other prestigious awards and recognition. He built the original “largest sellers on eBay” in the early days, he authored the top selling book “Insider’s Secrets of an eBay Millionaire”. He loves testing new ideas ahead of the pack and sharing his successes and failures with the seller community. His cutting edge experience makes him one of the most desired eCommerce coaches on the planet for selling on a website, eBay or Amazon.

Brandon’s goal for his new retail business is the to the smallest-biggest business online. He believes online retailers can and should outsource 90% of the day-to-day tasks in their business.

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