01 MultiTech Empowers Workers
Stefan Lindvall, CEO, MultiTech, joins Peggy live from Mounds View, Minn., and says he has never been as excited about this industry and the prospects of the IoT (Internet of Things) as he is today. He explains the company has done a better job to empower workers and has improved from an internal people management standpoint to reenergize the company. Looking forward, he says, MultiTech is thrilled about its prospects and is even more excited about the introduction of several new products that will be announced in 2016.
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02 IoT Alliance Program
Jim Caraccio, director of channel sales, Exosite, walks Peggy through the IoT alliance program and MultiTech’s role as one of the early partners in it. He says it is about collaboration and putting some strategic focus on partners to bring customers a more end-to-end solution and creating an out-of-the-box experience.

03 Inspiring Girls to Code
Shawn Stavseth, co-founder and executive director, Technovation, Minnesota, says the organization inspires girls to code apps, specifically on the Android platform. She says girls are learning to code on Android because it is open source platform that it is easier to start and as soon as they are comfortable they can migrate to different platforms. Jean Weiss, board chair, mentor, and team recruitment, Technovation and executive director, Code Savvy, comments on the excitement of watching young girls code their first app and to see their amusement when it appears on a smartphone.


04 Great Company, Great Partners
Del Palacheck, COO, MultiTech, explains the team the company has assembled now is probably one of the best teams and the people are truly motivated to be there. Rick Nozel, vice president of sales and marketing, MultiTech, shares why this is his first experience working for a family company and agrees with Del that there is a tremendous amount of excitement both within the walls of the building and within the industry. Stefan Lindvall, CEO, MultiTech, adds the company has a number of impressive partners that are building upon an even stronger company.