This week Paul and Erik are joined by special guest Florentino from The Changing Stage radio show to talk about Creed and Krampus. Florentino and Paul discuss Creed, a quite tasteful installment of the Rocky series, with Sylvester Stallone giving one of his best performances in years.

Paul and Erik talk about Krampus, the out-of-left-field Christmas horror comedy featuring an evil antipodal Santa…which sounds terrible…and is terrible, but not completely. The movie is a mixed bag, in turns clever and imbecilic, predictable and surprising, clearly out to just have fun. Think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation meets The Gremlins.

We also take a detour to discuss the fantastic new Netflix shows, Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Daredevil, which take B-side superheroes and use them to create smart, dark, multi layered dramas.