1 "The 80000000 Reasons Ways We Feel Bad About Our Bodies"
The segment title says it all. Laura and Daniela share all the feels, get angry, get real.
2 "No One Else In This Room Feels Fat, Do They?"
Daniela and Laura discuss the loneliness and isolation of your particular body issues, and different ways to think about yourself, your body, in relationship to other people.
3 "Everybody Has That Talk - and Food As Control"
Daniela shares the secret thoughts everybody has about how their bodies are wrong, and talks about small ways for you to shift your OWN perspective on your body. Daniela and Laura decide to create an online workshop for anyone who's listening -- we came up with this during the commercial break! It's donation-based, to benefit About-face.org. Sign up at www.laurawestman.com!
4 "Being A Kid vs. Being An Adult"
Laura interviews Megh McLaughlin about the challenges of growing up overweight, the impact it has on you as a kid, and what you can do as you become an adult to love yourself no matter what.