For those organizations in the substance abuse and recovery world – both non-profits and for profits – as well as a myriad of residential care facilities for children and adults, Flex Data Solutions, Inc. is bringing custom software solutions at a fraction of the cost of other programs. Designed by its two founders Dr. Mark Hopper, and Kent Henderson, ACSW between the two it represent some 80+ years of experience and pioneering expertise in the field of behavioral health and IT solutions to support it. Flex Data Solutions have software solutions for any sized organization, with the ability to implement changes rapidly – in some cases in the same day.

The behavioral health field is rapidly changing over to an accountability based system where it is not enough anymore to demonstrate that a treatment based process was provided. Now, there is increased pressure to prove treatment outcomes … so-called “value based care”. Go to for more information on a simple idea, with infinite solutions

1 Where did this begin? What is the "why behind the what?"
2 The advent of Electronic Medical Records - and why the systems today are inadequate
3 A "raving fan" of seven years gives their "two thumbs way up" on Flex Data Solutions
4 Licensure requirements - accreditation - and reimbursements going forward