01 Amazon Go Transforms Retail
Peggy says Amazon Go is merging the physical world with the digital world to transform the consumer experience with product sensors that enable shoppers to walk-in and get the products they need without having to wait in line. She says Amazon’s work in artificial intelligence will offer new opportunities for businesses with image analysis, deep learning, and much more.
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02 Pioneer Insight into Crops
Chandra Krintz, professor of computer science, University of California, Santa Barbara, explains how computer science and large scale systems are helping farmers in California monitor and obtain a better yield from a diverse selection of crops. She says academic research with her students allows groups to be more open to seeing the benefits of new solutions while also creating a broader range of perspectives set to impact society.
03 3D Printing Transforms Construction
Behrokh Koshnevis, CEO, Contour Crafting, and professor at University of Southern California, talks about his passion for disruptive technologies and how they help reimagine the way things are done. He explains how 3D printing was born in the construction industry and will therefore have the highest potential in creating solutions that will shrink production periods from months to days.
04 Pioneer Talks Smarter Healthcare
Ted Herman, professor of Computer Science, University of Iowa, says large pharmaceutical companies are too costly and concerned with the bottomline. He discusses low-cost ways of developing wireless communication devices that sense and deliver basic health metrics back to physicians.