Guest: Grace Judson, Management Consultant, Strategic Change Specialist

Grace is an instigator of successful strategic change, a team dynamics and communication coach, an author a business trainer and speaker. Realizing after a 16 year successful corporate run, Grace realized that she could add more value and have a more meaningful impact in the world as an external strategic business consultant and launched her own business in 2005. She works with organizational that want to be sustainably profitable. She works with leaders who want to cut through the frustration and get moving.
Our show today: Planning your year for success……..

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1 Grace and Nina discuss how to make plans that will stick! Everything around and within us is perfectly set up for how things are now. Grace shares insights on how to begin to plan for planning; where to start!
We all have thoughts about who we are, beliefs about how the world works, ideas about our identity and at least some of these are going to be out of alignment with the new goals/objective we are trying to achieve. Grace shares a case study to exemplify how and why these aspects serve to “box us into the way things are.”
2 Grace puts meaning into the concept “second conversation.” She provides an over view of how to dig into the thoughts, beliefs, and identities that keep us stuck. She shares 5 questions that create the conversation. The first two questions are the same: What may we encounter that will keep us from taking action; from doing what we’ve said we want to do?
3 Sharing that “should” goals need to be throw out and replaced with an aligned platform that can serve as our North Star. There are visionary areas in our lives in our businesses, and they will be motivating in and of themselves because we’re clear about what needs to happen to get there and we’ve aligned them with our values, vision, and mission. Woodard and Judson discuss how to create goals that will work!
4 Grace provides a 5-question process that will help us launch, plan and succeed.
1. What would keep us from taking action toward what we want?
2. Repeat #1
3. What are the ideas, concepts, beliefs, and identity structures that hold us in place?
4. What needs to change to support our moving forward?
5. How will we create that change in thoughts, beliefs, concepts, ideas, and identity?