Mary Knight, was a former high-end escort. Her life sounds like a movie or two you might have watched… desperate mom of three getting no support from loser ex-husbands turns to adult entertainment industry and, ultimately, prostitution to take care of her family.

Mary spent more than a dozen years catering to the needs of men, and it wasn’t until her last few years of escorting she learned how to really be with a man — that is, how to be truly present and enjoy being in a man’s company, how to capture his full attention and genuine adoration. It was then that she went on a bit of a mission.

She knew she was potentially hurting other women, yet she wanted to help these unhappy men… though not in the way you might think. A lifelong journal keeper, Mary began to document her client experiences.

Tune in to find out what led to her in-depth studying of WHY men visited her and hear the inside stories revealed in her bestselling book, “How to Keep Your Man Out of My Bed: A Former High End Call Girl’s Best Advice for Capturing Your Man’s Undying Attention, Adoration and Loyalty.”

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