Welcome back marketers! In the 2/4 installment of This Week in Marketing, I welcome Greg Esterhai and Katie Gorman of Eventsured – a special event insurance provider based in Pennsylvania.

The three us have an awesome chat about the industry, marketing, and how Eventsured leverages their X factor. Segment 1 The first segment is all about understanding special event insurance, how it works, and what the process looks like. Greg provides some excellent insight on which situations warrant special event insurance, and how Eventsured has positioned themselves in the market. Segment 2 We pick up where we left off in segment two talking about the many applications of special event insurance. We then shift gears a bit to discuss marketing in the insurance industry. Insurance is largely an industry fueled by fear marketing. Eventsured does a lot to stress education over fear in their marketing approach – and we get some excellent insight from Katie and Greg about how they do it! Segment 3 In the third segment, we get a bit more in-depth with the process of getting special event insurance. Using the example of a business event – like The Art of Marketing – I ask the team at Eventsured about how they would educate me (as an organizer) in their marketing to push me in the right direction. We discuss many of the variables that come into play, and how to make sure I get the best solution. Segment 4 The final segment comes full circle by discussing the special event insurance industry as a whole – and how it’s evolved over the years. Regardless of the changes, insurance has been (and always will be) about trust.  We wrap up the show by getting Katie and Greg’s take on how they establish this on their website, in their marketing, and the customer experience overall.

Lots of good tidbits in this one!


About the Host:

In addition to hosting This Week in Marketing for the AMA San Diego, Kevin is the Chief Content Strategist at E2M Solutions. He manages the writing division and leads the company’s copywriting projects.