After 4 long months, Sam and I return to the studio to follow up our Digital Marketing for 2020 Part 1!

We’ve got a info-packed episode for you all in this one! The primary focus is on link building and what the process will look like in 2020 and beyond. Segment 1 Segment 1 kicks off by discussing the latest in link building. More specifically, the March 1st update involving nofollow links. This includes the change in which Google will now be categorizing tagged nofollow links as “sponsored” or “ugc”.

Sam gives his expert take on what it means, and how brands can use it in their link building strategies. We also touch on the recent Google penalties on outbound links. Segment 2 Segment 2 picks up right where we left off. Sam and I provide some insight on how this big change will impact link building strategies, whether it’s worth chasing sites with tagged nofollow links, and how agencies can provide value to clients (and explain it properly). Segment 3 Segment 3 gets into the weeds of link building and e-commerce. As we SEOs know, building links to product/category pages is getting harder by the day. Sam gives his expert take on how online stores can manage link building – without wasting copious amounts of energy on outreach.

I chime in by quoting Brian Dean from a recent episode of The Marketing Microscope. E-commerce stores can create industry reports and internally link product pages within it. Then, they can use that piece of informational content in their outreach.

The product links won’t get as much Google love as they would with a direct link – but they’ll get some! And, it’s much easier to get website owners to link to informational content, rather than transactional. Segment 4 The last segment continues with link building in e-commerce, as well as provide a future outlook for 2020’s digital landscape. As the show comes to a close, Sam gives his parting advice to focus link building efforts on providing natural value.

At the end of the day, if it’s overtly clear you’re trying to build links, it’s not good link building!