In today’s episode of This Week in Marketing, I welcome in CJ Thomas, Founder of Wondertree Media – an award-winning creative video agency focused on conveying stories that inspire meaningful action.

This one is all about video and how brands should approach the hype! Segment 1 We kick off the show by getting some of CJ’s favorite brand videos and why he likes them. He mentions LEGO and how they’ve worked wonders to use video to keep their brand relevant for decades!

I get CJ’s take on how video has blown up in recent years and how the mass market shift has affected video agencies across the board. The segment ends with CJ and I discussing how video impacts brands differently in certain industries. CJ discusses how powerful video is in telling a story – particularly in medical/health industries. Segment 2 Segment two picks up with some of the major misconceptions brands have about video and the process of getting the ball rolling. CJ has a fantastic analogy for brands chasing viral video fame:

“Banking on viral fame is a lot like buying a lottery ticket and calling it your investment plan!”

CJ then goes in depth on the process of creating brand videos, the initial steps, the mindset to get into, and mapping out the creative process. Segment 3 In the third segment, we dive deeper into the creative aspect of video production. As a copywriter, I’m obligated to ask about the script writing part of video – and how it differs from other types of content.

The conversation then shifts to marketing and research. CJ discusses the importance of having a marketing plan put together before you even touch a camera – and how to start the process.

The segment closes with a discussion about ROI and how to convey expectations to clients. Segment 4 We pick up the final segment by continuing with ROI and setting client expectations. Simply put, ROI in video is similar to SEO – slow and steady normally wins the race!

CJ gives his hot take on video production as a whole – and what it might look like in the future. As the show comes to a close, we get some excellent words of wisdom for budding video producers/marketers.

If video is on your radar in 2020 and beyond, definitely check out this episode!

CJ operates an awesome in-house podcast at Wondertree (with video included of course)! TONS of good insights here – certainly worth the watch!