Welcome back marketers!

In the 10/6 episode of This Week in Marketing, I welcome Jason Bynum, marketing lead at Vapor Empire, a full-service vape supply company and e-commerce store.

The vape industry is an interesting one – to put it lightly. Unfortunately, any industry with nicotine tends to come with a stigma. To kick off the show, we get Jason’s insider take on how the industry has progressed in its short existence, how the stigma was formed, and where it may be heading in the future.

Jason gives us some excellent insight on how he counters the stigma in marketing his company. Spoiler: it’s not about getting started with vaping – it’s about making the switch from [dangerous] cigarettes.

From here, we get into some of the biggest myths surrounding the vape industry, how regulation is impacting the marketing engine, and where the biggest opportunities currently lie.

We then discuss some of the major do’s and don’ts in the industry, the channels to focus on, and how to set up a marketing budget as a vape company. As with most shows we’ve been doing this year, we discuss how COVID has impacted the vape industry, and what ways it might change things permanently.

As the show begins to come to a close, we discuss some of the interesting ways vape brands have built communities of customers and how to go about spreading a brand presence – all topped off with some parting words of wisdom.

Does your industry carry a stigma in some form or another? If so, this episode is definitely worth a listen!