In this show, we feature the Palomar College Transitions Program, designed to help individuals who are formerly incarcerated to attend and succeed in college. Our guests are Nora Kenney-Whitley, the director of the Transitions Programs, and one of the program participants, Luis Jimenez. Over the hour, Luis shares his journey, one in which he had to deal with personal challenges, a correctional system that was often cruel and unjust, and an education system that did not have a place for him. Most important to this interview was how Luis overcame emotional abuse early in life, a challenge he still copes with today. His worst subject, math, is now his gift, and his past is now his motivation to tell his story and engage in social work. Thank you to Nora for providing information on this important program.

Guests – Luis Jimenez and Nora Kenney-Whitley of the Palomar College Transition Program