Welcome to another “This Week in Marketing” show from AMA San Diego!

This week are talking with Lon Safko (https://lonsafko.com/). Lon has built 14 companies and has learned every step of the way. Lon has also written several books. He wrote 2008’s Social Media Bible and 2014’s Fusion Marketing Bible. His latest book is called the Innovative Thinking Bible.

Innovation is the key focus today! We talk about innovation and the definition of this term that everyone is starting to talk about. Marketing agility comes hand-in-hand with innovation and it is important to stay on top of current events.

In the second segment, we talk about psychographics and how these differ from demographics. Understanding what motivates your demographics is key! We talk about Lon’s 3 C’s: Collect, Calculate, & Communicate. Spoiler alert, put your Smartphone down and take time to process information! These principles can be found in Lon’s new book The Innovative Thinking Bible (more information about it here).

In the third segment, we dive deeper into the idea of innovative thinking. Ask yourself, “What are the ways we cut paper”. There are several ways to do this outside of scissors and someone had to ask this question first! We discuss how brands, both big and small, can add innovative thinking into their marketing strategy.

The fourth segment focuses on innovation in various areas of the company and how to implement new strategies. Don’t forget to A/B test your strategies. Tune in for great examples of innovations from companies like Oreo, HP, Facebook and even a few local examples from companies in San Diego!

For smaller businesses, innovation is the key to bootstrapping a startup. Consumers love to see new disruptive companies and innovation does not have to be something that costs millions of dollars a year. Interested in learning more? Check out these resources below:

4/17/2018 Innovation in Marketing