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Online Book Marketing: Tips From an Expert

The topic this week is “How to Market a Book Online”. There is a lot of noise out there about hacks for book marketing and we wanted to bring in an expert to set the record straight. Our guest today is Jeff Smith of I Am Net Worthy. I Am Net Worthy is a new personal finance book for millennials and has seen a lot of recent success!

I Am Net Worthy Logo

I Am Net Worthy Book Cover

In segment 1 we discuss the background of I Am Net Worthy and the various stages the book went through. Jeff talks about their new finance website and explains the benefit of adding value through tools and other content on a book’s website.

Segment 2 & 3 are all about setting up your book for a launch and choosing the right marketing channels. We take a pretty deep dive into setting up an Amazon storefront and Jeff provides us with some great “do’s and dont’s”. Spoiler Alert: Paid Social can work on more levels than just direct revenue! Use it to funnel your other marketing channels. We also dive into the importance of reviews, speaking engagements, and partnerships. Make sure to find groups that can act at influencers!

The last segment focuses on some real-world examples and the future of I Am Net Worthy. Jeff talks about all of the tools that they have developed on the site and the importance of adding value to your users outside of the book content. Online book marketing is a tough endeavor, but with these tips from Jeff, you will be on the right track!



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