Welcome back to This Week in Marketing from the San Diego chapter of the American Marketing Association!

We have 3 guests this week! Matthew Parisi is Product Marketing Manager at Tealium and the Chair of the Art of Marketing conference. Christine Wiley is the President of AMA Board and a National Marketing Director for the MS Society. Cory Treffiletti is a keynote speaker at the Art of Marketing and the CMO of Voicera.

Segment 1 is all about the Art of Marketing. We cover the history of the event and the benefits of participating.

Segment 2 focuses on the keynote speaker of the event, Cory Treffiletti, and Voicera. Voicera created Eva. Eva is an AI virtual assistant and helps you capture what’s important and connect those actions to the rest of your collaboration systems.

The 3rd segment continues with AI and the future benefits of integrating AI into our daily life. We touch on global marketing trends and the future of AI.

The 4th segment focuses on the networking opportunities at the Art of Marketing and the benefits of participating. We discuss the three tracks of the event and the three breakout sessions for each track.

4/3/2018 Art of Marketing 2018