Welcome to another episode of This Week in Marketing from AMA San Diego!

Our guest is Lars Helgeson, Founder and CEO of GreenRope. In this episode, we discuss marketing automation and email marketing. We explore the areas where marketers should leverage automated tools and where they should leverage real people.

Segment 1 is focused on the background of marketing automation and GreenRope’s Email & CRM System. Lars walks us through GreenRope’s philosophy on marketing automation and CRM systems.

The second segment is centered around a business’ process and where marketing automation fits in. From educating customers to sales alerts, there is a lot opportunity that many business are currently missing. We touch on the troubles that companies have implementing automation and how they can benefit from finding and fixing these pain points.

Segment 3 focuses on content in marketing automation. What are the strategies when creating content for the customer journey? When do you deliver this content? One of the most important takeaways is to create personalized and useful content that reflects the customers position on the sales funnel. Being helpful is the best way to secure a new conversation. We also touch on the sales process and what type of KPIs to look for when creating an automation campaign.

The final segment is focused on brands that are doing it well. Who to look out for and some strategies to implement.

Thanks for listening, see you all next time!