Today’s guest is Mike Towe of of M2 Digital Post.

In segment one we discuss the Mike’s background and how video has come to be an essential marketing tool in the digital world. Interesting fact: Millennials watch 47% less TV than adults 35+!

The second segment is all about when to hire professionals and when to produce video in-house. There are situations where a Facebook live video works and when it doesn’t. Tune in for tips, tricks, and things to avoid. Spoiler alert: don’t forget about the audio quality, even for small in-house productions. We discuss the best microphones to use and video techniques that help to promote your message.

Segment three is all about editing. We discuss solutions for larger budgets and some great programs for those looking to edit on their own. Don’t forget about camera movement! Great tip from Mike: Don’t move the camera just to move the camera. Make sure there is a reason to move it. We also discuss ways to get subtitles on your video and the difference between square and rectangle video. Shoutout to Tasty for making great square videos!

The final segment is about brands that are killing it in the video world. Look out for brands that are telling stories. Purina made an awesome campaign about puppyhood. Dove product a great choose beautiful campaign. Chobani did a partnership with Tasty to create awesome yogurt recipes. Pro Tip from Mike: Create actual web pages to support your video’s to capture traffic and help move users along your funnel.

Local examples include:

  • Swell Coffee
  • Bao Beach
  • Sullivan Solar Power
  • Qualcomm
  • The Arena Gym’s San Diego Boxing page

National examples of great video content:

Thanks for listening, see you next time!

Update From Requests: 

Don’t forget to lean on corporate for some awesome material. For example, Audi of Bellevue does a fantastic job of re-purposing content from the Audi brand on both their website and their Facebook page.