1 Top Tips for AI
Peggy continues the discussion on AI (artificial intelligence), offering tips. She asks: If an organization hasn’t implemented a strategy, is it really prioritizing AI? She also digs into the top two reasons AI projects fail, saying the lack of a skilled staff is only going to worsen in the years ahead and companies need to prepare for it now.
2 Cybersecurity: Are We Screwed?
Are we all screwed? Peggy and Richard Forno, senior lecturer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMBC) Dept. of computer science and electrical engineering, discuss the reality of cybersecurity. He explains that data breaches are happening all the time, so much so that we are becoming immune, and that we need to plan for things like if the cloud goes down.
3 Be Aware of Credit Card Skimmers
Peggy and Scott Schober, CEO, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, and author of Hacked Again, discuss how credit card skimmers have evolved. He says we have to be extra careful at unfamiliar gas stations because cyber criminals can steal a lot of information at the pump. He explains in detail how credit card skimmers can steal information.