Welcome to another episode of This Week in Marketing from the San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Our guest this week is Robert Laplante of Media-Corps. Robert is an expert in marketing research and supports brands that are entering the Canadian market.

In the first segment, we get historical and discuss the last decade in Canadian marketing. Robert talks about the ups, downs, and inbetweens of the last ten years and how the market has changed.

The second segment focuses on the major differences between the Canadian and US market. We talk about consumer habits, regulatory differences, and subtle differences between the two cultures that are often missed.

Segment three is all about moving into Canada. We talk with Robert about the steps that brands should take before launching into the Canadian market.

The 4th segment continues the checklist for brands preparing to enter the Canadian market. Robert talks about everything from media buying to market research. Listen in for some great tips and strategies!


About the Hosts:

Sam Wheeler is a Chicago Native and the Host of “This Week in Marketing”. He is a marketing expert and has worked for many brands, both local and international, helping to support their marketing efforts. Since moving to San Diego, Sam has supported brands like Guided Choice, Arnett CredentialsRVMan, HockeyStickMan, and more!