Welcome to another episode of This Week in Marketing from AMA San Diego!

We have a special show today that includes some brainstorming ideas and tips for businesses of all sizes! Our guests today are Gina Greco, the Executive Director of Portfolio Masterclass and Yasmeen Mezenner, a creative professional and student at Portfolio Masterclass.

Segment 1 is all about creativity in marketing campaigns. We touch on various campaigns that have worked well and how to find those fundamental and simple ideas that are an integral part to any marketing campaign.

Segment 2 has a few examples of marketing in traditionally “boring” industries. We listen to Dumb Ways to Die and an ad from one of Gina’s students about a company called Purple Mattress. Spoiler alert, there are no “boring” industries, just unimaginative teams.

Check out Dumb Ways to Die below:

The third segment is all about building a team and tips for marketing departments that need to build a team and put together a solid idea for their marketing channels. We cover the steps that teams should follow when building out briefs and curating content for various customer touch-points.

The final section is perhaps one of our most fun segments ever! We talk brainstorming and demonstrate a  few fund ideas that Gina and her students leverage for companies. We also cover Gina’s favorite brainstorming techniques: Idea mapping, Emulating, and the “What If?” game.

We also discussed a few local and national examples and promised to put a few on the show notes. Check them out below:

Don’t forget that Portfolio Masterclass has opportunities for businesses in San Diego (and beyond) to educate employees and work with current students to develop fun marketing materials. Visit https://portfoliomasterclass.org for more information.

About the Hosts

Sam Wheeler is the host of this week in Marketing an expert in SEO and data analytics. He works for a SEO firm called Inseev Interactive and loves to surf not only the web, but the evening swell. Find him blogging about digital marketing on Inseev’s website.

Kevin Svec works for E2M Solutions Inc. as a Senior Copywriter and Content Strategist. E2M offers a range of services in the way of SEO, content marketing, web design, and copywriting. When Kevin isn’t writing or planning content strategies for E2M, he is writing for his travel and leisure website, Impulsive Wanderlust.