Welcome to another episode of “This Week in Marketing” from AMA San Diego. The topic today is “Translating Marketing Materials”.  Many forget that Google translate is not 100% accurate and professional agencies are crucial to the success of multi-language marketing materials.

Our guest today is Jeff Carota, the owner of Interworld Translation Services. Jeff has been working in the translation industry for over 20 years and has worked on projects for giant companies and small businesses alike. IWT Services helps companies get materials, both internal and external, translated with the support of linguists, copywriters, creative personnel, and other important stakeholders in the translation industry.

In segment one we talk about the importance of proper translations. We discuss what type of materials need to be translated, why marketing departments should care/be involved and the rational for hiring an agency over an in-house service.

The second segment focuses on creating a roadmap for a translation project. We talk about the difference between big legal translations from companies like TransUnion SmartMove, HP, Burton, etc., and set up a hypothetical scenario that listeners can use as an outline for their own projects. Our topic: Translating for conferences in several countries.

In section 3 we discuss technology and the benefits and drawbacks for things like machine learning and automatic translation services. Jeff also discusses the benefits of “Translation Memory” and how repeat translations become easier over time. Spoiler alert: machine translations are not perfect and a human touch is always needed!

The final segment touches on budgets, timelines, and how marketing teams can plan for a project. We use the convention example to discuss timelines and potential budgets. Jeff also offers some great advice on what to look for when hiring an agency. Everyone says they are the best and Jeff helps marketing managers understand what to ask and what to look for!


Check out the full show below:


For some fun reading, check out this article on translation mistakes and their consequences!


About the Hosts:

Sam Wheeler is the VP of Content for the AMA San Diego. He works for a marketing firm in San Diego called Inseev Interactive. He loves to  support businesses, both big and small, with their marketing efforts. His current projects include AeroMarine’s food grade silicone, Rapid Rex, and a local startup called Coin LookUp!