01 Google Not a Conventional Company
Peggy starts the show by discussing Google’s Alphabet. Why is Google doing all of this? She says Larry Page suggests Google is not a conventional company, and Peggy agrees, quoting Page from an original founders’ letter 11 years ago. She explains Google created Alphabet because it will give Page and Co., the opportunity to more heavily invest in experimental and ambitious projects.
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02 Ralph Lauren Pioneers Fashion Technology
Peggy talks about how technology is impacting the next fashion brand. She gives an inside look at the latest from Ralph Lauren, who is a pioneer in fashion technology. Ralph Lauren is unveiling new clothing that will change the way we think about wearables with a polo smart shirt, which is a personal trainer. The shirt will be equipped with realtime biometric technology.

03 Big Potential for AI
Diego Ventura, CEO, noHold, says by the end of the century potentially AI (artificial intelligence) systems will be as intelligent or more intelligent than the computational intelligence of humans. He continues, saying Y2K can a be lesson, as the government got involved and set up standards and procedures, and everyone worked together. The same approach can be taken for AI.

04 The Cloud Gains Trust
Vince Guarna, managing director, IoT Technology Solutions, talks about the evolution of the market, saying on the vendor side people are recognizing they need to be connected. On the customer side, he says he has done a lot with healthcare and in the past the industry would not let data get out of a firewall, but today he says people are trusting the cloud a little bit more.