Welcome to another installment of the AMA San Diego’s radio show “This Week in Marketing”. The topic this week in Marketing to Baby Boomers!

Erica Sell

Erica Sell of Harmony Home Medical

This week’s guest is Erica Sell. She is the owner of Harmony Home Medical here in San Diego. Erica¬†created Harmony Home Medical in 2008 and is a Certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

In the first segment we discuss the upcoming AMA events here in San Diego, introduce Harmony Home Medical, and talk a bit about the history of the medical supply industry.

Segment two gets into the background of the Baby Boom generation and what makes them tick. We talk about the differences in psychology between their market research and that of the younger generations. Erica has some great research tips for those looking to target this very smart, and very large demographic. We also touch on the benefit of in-person marketing and how Baby Boomers love to know both the company, and the people behind the company that they are purchasing from. Erica provides the listeners with some great insight on preparing for expos and other in-person events.

The third segment focused on the different marketing channels outside of expos and other physical marketing. We briefly discuss the important of video marketing and how the Baby Boom generation loves to consume video content. Erica talks about the importance of instructional videos and product specific videos and how the Baby Boom demographic generally enjoys and responds well to these videos. These videos can be effective with on a small budget! Check out this video from Home Harmony’s YouTube Channel!

This Week in Marketing has a great podcast on video marketing techniques that was also mentioned in the show! Finally, we discuss ways that companies without a room full of products can demonstrate value to the Baby Boom generation. We use VitaMedica, a healthy supplement company, as an example. Erica provides some great insight that everyone looking to make videos for the Baby Boomers can benefit from!

The fourth segment is centered around other marketing channels such as email and your website presence. Don’t forget about the importance of a fast turnaround time! Especially with lead generation websites, it is important that your call centers or email teams are ready to respond to inquiries at any point in the day! This is true across all industries and all demographics, but the Baby Boom generation seem to be particularly fond of that personal, educated, experience!

Listen to the show below!