Welcome to another episode of This Week in Marketing from AMA San Diego! Today we are talking about in-store marketing. Our guest today is Jessie Svec. Jessie worked as an experience designer with American Eagle and helped create marketing experiences that were sent to the stores nationwide.

Clothes racks with dresses on hangers.


In segment 1, we define in-store marketing and learn more about how the industry has changed over the years. We also learn more about

The second and third segments are all about trends and experiences. We talk through ways that brands can create that “wow” moment even before a direct interaction with the consumer. We cover current trends in experiential marketing and how to change styles based on location and consumer base

The fourth segment talks about values and how to create an experience that demonstrates your brand values.

Tune in to the full show below! Looking for more shows? Check out our last show on content marketing!


About the “This Week in Marketing” Hosts:

Kevin Svec – E2m Solutions

Kevin is the Chief Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. Kevin loves to write awesome content. When he isn’t writing, editing, or planning out content strategies for clients, he is working on his travel recommendations website, Impulsive Wanderlust. His most recent article covers rainforest walks in Cairns.

Sam Wheeler – AMA San Diego President-Elect

Sam Wheeler is AMA San Diego’s president-elect and an expert in all things digital marketing. Sam has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller DTC businesses to develop their online marketing strategy. Some of Sam’s current projects include Day One Credit, AutoNation, and more!