PRfect Pitch Social Media Image Sept 2nd
Gabriel Reyes is President and Founder of Reyes Entertainment, one of the premier marketing and public relations firms focused on the bilingual media markets.  Founded in 1997, Reyes Entertainment has worked with many Hollywood studios, networks and Latino stars promoting major film releases, network and cable TV series, DVD launches, concert and special event publicity as well as corporate communications.

In this episode, Gabriel and Nicole cover an amazing array of topics from embracing a community without alienating others, to practical tips for pitching in a technology driven world. They also discuss how to identify and get ahead of emerging fields, which is a great way to secure new business.
Segment 1: Gabriel talks about his career and focusing on the Hispanic community without playing into common Latino stereotypes.
Segment 2:Nicole and Gabriel discuss how he got ahead of the growing Hispanic demographic to generate successful, mainstream campaigns before others had considered the market.
Segment 3: Gabriel gets to showcase his impressive clientele.
Segment 4: We hear some practical tips on what works and what doesn't when pitching to media in a technology driven world.