Richmond, Virginia born and raised, Andy Beckstoffer has contributed much to Napa Valley. Beckstoffer will be honored at The Culinary Institute of America 2010 Vintners Hall of Fame as a 2010 inductee on March 13, 2010 with a daylong Celebration of California Wine & Food, culminating in the Vintners Hall of Fame induction ceremony. In 1994 Andy was a founding member of The Rutherford Dust Society and served as its initial President. He remains on the Society’s Board of Directors and is the current President. Beckstoffer became a founding director of the Napa Valley Grape Growers Association (NVGGA) in 1975. A year later, as the Association’s president, he brought forth the revolutionary idea of basing the price of a ton of grapes on the future price of a bottle of wine. As a leader in modern viticulture practices, many of his ideas from irrigation to vine spacing were considered radical when introduced. After years of rapid expansion in the wine industry and little control o

Vintners Hall of Fame as a 2010 inductee
Leader in Wine and Grape Industry Exemplifies
30-Year Gourmet Magazine Wine
2009 Vintners Hall of Fame Inductee has Revealing
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