Joel Butler, Master of Wine, Wine Consultant, President of the Institute of Masters of Wine, North America, is one of a handful of guest instructors for the three-month Master Level online study and certification program on the wines of Bordeaux. The comprehensive study and certificate program starting March 1, with registration now open, on the wines of Bordeaux. The Bordeaux Master-Level Program was developed by the French Wine Society in conjunction with lead instructor Dewey Markham Jr. Joel Butler, Master of Wine, will be teaching the fifteenth webinar titled, “Bordeaux Terroir and the Meaning of Appellation.”
This is Bordeaux as you’ve never seen it presented! Twenty live webinars conducted by experts in their field, online study modules, reading and tasting assignments, interactive Q&A with instructors, plus an opportunity to review course content in a live classroom environment with tutored tasting at! This is, in scope and design, the

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