Gerry Dawes has been traveling around Spain for no less than 40 years. I don’t know of another American wine writer who is more intimately familiar about Spain through a prism of wine, food, culture, and travel, than Gerry. We met two springs ago on a press trip to study the wines of Priorat, Monsant, Conca de Barbera, and Terra Alta. He can be cantankerous; And yet, he’s affable, to those with open minds. He is opinionated; He’s earned the right. He easily survives many consecutive 14 hour days of tasting and driving from winery winery, from region to region. Without a doubt, Dawes is a bottomless pit of memories, stories, and personal reflections. He spends a huge chunk of his time, each year, in Spain for the sole purpose of discovery and confirmation which he gladly shares.;
“In his nearly thirty years of wandering the back roads of Spain,” Gerry Dawes has built up a

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