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Christopher McAuliffe Holds The Master Certified Coach Credential Through The International Coach Federation. A Professional Coach Since 1996, Christopher Has Produced Unprecedented Breakthrough Results With A Wide Spectrum Of Clients Across The Country. Christopher Has A Passionate Commitment To The Development Of Coaching As An Honorable And Honored Profession. As A Two-Term Past President Of The San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance, Christopher Has Demonstrated A Commitment To The Development Of Coaching As An Ethical, Strong Profession, Both Self-Regulating And Offering Consumer Protection, Credentialing And Continuing Education. The Host Of The Popular Web Radio Show, "The Coaching Show," On wsRadio.Com Since 2002, Christopher Has Had The Pleasure Of Speaking With Many Of The Thought Leaders And Key Players Of Coaching. Christopher Lives In San Diego, CA With His Wife And Two Children.

06/21/17 Reviewing the ACTO Conference and Previewing the Culture and Power Summit

Guest 2: The President of Power for Life Coaching, Professional Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Halli MacNab, is a graduate and affiliate of the rigorous and acclaimed, International Coach Federation-accredited coaching training program, Accomplishment Coaching in Seattle, Washington. Halli brings powerful insight, brilliant intuition, a playful sense of humor, tenacity, loyalty, a calm sensibility and [...]

06/14/17 Philanthropy, The Giving Way to Happiness; A Crash Course in Positivity

Guest Co-Host Emily Golden Guest : Jenny Santi is a philanthropy advisor to some of the world’s most generous philanthropists and celebrity activists. In 2013 she founded Saint Partners Philanthropy Services, a consulting practice that has served clients including signatories of the Buffett-Gates Giving Pledge, an Academy Award-winning actress, and leading financial institutions in Europe [...]

06/07/17 Butterfly Program Produces Visions; Disrupting Management

Guest co-hosts: Clarice Connolly Alice Petzold Guest 1: Caitlin Naramore is a Universal Health Principles Practitioner and is currently running her first online program, Butterfly, to assist creative entrepreneurs to get in their bodies and fully birth their dreams and visions. Caitlin has had training in multiple healing and embodiment modalities including Reiki, Flower Essences, [...]

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05/31/17 Hacking Innovation and One of Everything

Co-host: Lisa Pachence Guest 1: Josh Linkner started his career as a jazz guitarist-°©‐ personifies creativity, entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation. He has been the founder and CEO of four tech companies, which sold for a combined value of over $200 million. Josh is the author of two New York Times Bestsellers Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven [...]

05/24/17 How to Follow Through on Your Creative Desire; The True Purpose of Marketing

Co-Host: Jason Dukes The Captains Chair Guest 1: Jennifer Louden is an author, a teacher and a full fledged ambassador for helping creative women get their scary sh*t done. For over 26 years Jen has taught over a million women through her books, communities and writing retreats how to improve their writing, find greater focus, [...]

05/17/17 ICF has a Global Strategic Plan

Guest Co-Host - Dr. Tim Merrick - Guest: Matt Varney is the ICF Strategic Regional Director for North America, Latin America, & Caribbean. In this role, he leads a regional support team supporting implementation of the ICF Global strategic plan at the local level. Together with a team of Member Experience Ambassadors and Regional [...]

05/10/17 Understanding Wall Street and Exploring Medical Coaching

Guest 1: Harvey Neiman is President and Chief Investment Officer of Neiman Funds Management, LLC. A professional market observer, Harvey has been on CNBC, Fox Business, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Barons, and many other publications. "Customize Wall Street", by Harvey Neiman, is a plain- English practical treatment of the world [...]

05/05/17 Celebrate YOURSELF!

How often do you celebrate YOU!? Really... C E L E B R A T E! What does it even look like to celebrate? What if it did not involve an adult beverage or even spending money? Can you source yourself from the inside out? Today, May 5th 2017 is my 5 year anniversary of [...]

05/03/17 Explore Infinite Possibility; Dealing with Mid-Life and More

Guest 1: Molly Gordon is a Master Certified Coach known for her creativity, humor, and commitment to helping clients get off the merry-go-round of serial self-improvement and into the slipstream of infinite possibility. Her clients have included financial planners, fine artists, executive coaches, and entrepreneurs, as well as organizations such as NASA, Kindermusik, and various [...]

04/26/17 How to Clone Yourself; You Are a Badass!

Guest 1: Amber McCue, Business Operations Expert, studied Organization Development in Johns Hopkins’ MBA program, and Founder of NiceOps, a modern business management and operations consultancy based out of Annapolis, Maryland. McCue is the creator of several noteworthy programs & courses for busy and first-time business owners, including her signature How to Clone Yourself (which [...]