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10/24/17 Enhancing Cash Flow

Enhancing business cash flow is important in growing and managing a business. Expenses are usually an area that business owners focus on to help enhance cash flow. However, with limited expertise in multiple supplier/expense disciplines, as well as limited internal resources, it can be difficult to significantly enhance cash flow. Joining Kevin Brown on the [...]

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09/26/17 Business Growth Acceleration

Kevin Brown interviews Darren Reinke, Owner and CEO of Group Sixty to discuss how to accelerate your company's growth through unlocking the potential that exists within individuals and teams. It is key to have a strategic plan and executing those plans to effectively grow your business. Such growth strategy also needs to include the growth [...]

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08/23/17 Banking Better

Kevin Brown interviews Sean Puckett, Senior Vice President of Treasury Services at Mechanics Bank, to discuss strategic banking and how to better manage and protect a businesses treasury and capital assets. There are a number of ways to enhance a businesses operating and cash flow needs, so listen in as Kevin and Sean discuss banking [...]

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06/27/17 Fusion of a Business and Owners Planning

Kevin Brown interviews John Wheeler, Partner of Akili Capital about the importance of business owners and entrepreneurs planning around the business and personal goals, values and objectives. In many cases planning is done at a personal and business level independently, and proper alignment between the values, goal and objectives is missed. Listen in as Kevin [...]

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05/23/17 Making Sound Decisions

Kevin Brown interviews Kelly Tremblay and Richard Earnest of i Hear u about the problems and the solutions around noise and its impact on people, businesses, productivity and other areas. Kelly Tremblay is a PhD and Professor of Hearing Sciences at the University of Washington. She founded i Hear u to provide a solution for [...]

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04/25/17 High Stakes in Growing Your Business

Kevin Brown interviews Tim Owens Owner of Courant Culture, LLC. Tim helps small and mid-sized businesses by providing leadership and performance consulting to help business grow. Listen in as Kevin and Tim discuss the "high stakes" decisions and issues in growing your business.

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03/28/17 Building Your Best Asset

Kevin Brown interviews Susie Japs, Managing Director of WeJungo to discuss how to grow and manage your businesses human resources. Sourcing, hiring and managing employees is one the most difficult areas in a business, so listen is as Kevin and Susie discuss how to build talent foundations.

By | March 28th, 2017|The Wealth Building Hour, wsRadio Presents|3 Comments

02/28/17 Managing the Maze of Business Benefits

Kevin Brown interviews Nathan Craig, Owner of 3C Insurance Services about navigating the issues, options and opportunities around employee benefits. The landscape around medical plans and other employee benefits is complex and rapidly changing. Listen to Kevin and Nathan talk about managing the maze of business benefits.

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12/27/16 Growing and Managing a Technology Business

Kevin Brown interviews David Evans, President and Owner, of Decision Logic, a financial technology enterprise. Kevin and David discuss the issues, challenges and rewards of growing and managing a financial technology business.

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10/25/16 Investing and Managing Real Estate Assets

Kevin Brown interviews Lance McGoldrick and Richard Wenrick Principals of Trilar Management Group about investing and managing real estate assets in this changing market place.

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