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11/16/17 Go With Your Gut – Making Decisions You Can Trust

Mary talks about her popular signature decision-making process. Super simple to learn and understand though we all need reinforcement, which we get right here!

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10/05/17 Be Kind to One Another

With the final straw of adversity playing out in Las Vegas, it's time to be kind to one another.

09/28/17 Dave Kehnast’s Personal “Hero’s Journey”

Guest Dave Kehnast

08/29/17 Live Soul First Part 1

07/11/17 So they call you a victim?

Guest: Tranula Holden, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Author of an Amazon #1 new release non-faction self-care manual, "So they call you a victim?" Tranula Holden Author|Motivational Speaker| Coach

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06/20/17 Kids, Dogs and Type 1 Diabetes – Solutions in need of Community Support

Guests: LaurieAnn Mahoney Dyson is a Volunteer Ambassador for Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers (SDWR) as well as a passionate advocate  for dispelling the myths, stigma and truths surrounding Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) the Invisible Disease. LaurieAnn's Grandchildren Emy age 4 and Luke age 2 both have T1D and both are struggling to manage their [...]

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06/06/17 Move Forward and Push Through

05/30/17 Being Stoic

Being Stoic: Exercises for navigating your existence, appreciating the good while managing the bad.

04/25/17 Set the World on Fire!

Mary discusses all things Soul and how to live from your Soul for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

04/25/17 Life is Not a Poker Game, It’s Not Just the Luck of the DNA Draw

Dr. Jeffrey Winfield, MD / PhD a renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon who is now retired and pursing Wellness and Anti-Aging with a focus on Nutritional aspects. He was the former co-host of a Nutritional radio talk show called DocSpeak.

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