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08/09/17 Book Chicana Tributes: Activist Women of the Civil Rights Movement

This book is unique in that it tells about the Chicanas in San Diego. The editors are Rita Sanchez and Sonia Lopez, who are activist in their own right and have both taught classes about Chicanas in the movement. They have compiled a series of 61 stories that tell about the road these women took [...]

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08/02/17 The Diamond District of San Diego

The two guest are Iliana Garcia Rivera executive director and Carlos Vasquez board Chairperson for the Diamond District. The name comes from the shape of the district covered by this project. Iliana's previous experience had been in the Sherman Heights community. The Majority of Carlos's experience has been in San Ysidro. Together they have made [...]

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07/26/17 The San Ysidro Health Clinic

The San Ysidro Health Clinic serves the San Diego Community from the Mexican Border , Linda Vista and as far east as El Cajon. When the one and only doctor in San Ysidro moved to Chula Vista, a group of women known as el club de Madres started the clinic in a little white house [...]

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07/19/17 The House of Mexico

Balboa Park has many countries represented by small cottages . However Our closes neighbor Mexico does not have any representation. My guest Amalia Ruelas and Gloria Cazares to members of the House of Mexico organizations have discussed why we should have representation in Balboa Park. In 1994 a group under people started the effort to [...]

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07/12/17 Understanding the ACA and its Impact on Latinos

Leticia Cazares has spent the last 20 years working in community health. Her most recent position was director of the San Ysidro Health Center. She has a Master's in public health and is well known for her advocacy for public health. When it comes to the Affordable Health Care Act there are very few people [...]

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06/28/17 Chicano Muralist Victor Ochoa

Over the years Victor Ochoa has worn many hats, some know him as an activist, others as an educator, to his children he is know as a parent. If you live in San Diego you know him as a Master muralist. Victor has more murals in Chicano Park than any other artist. He has painted [...]

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06/21/17 Irma Castro- Chicana Activist

Irma Castro has worn many hats as a Chicana activist. She was instrumental in establishing la escuelita del barrio. that worked with parents in the late 60's. She was born and raised in San Diego and spent a great deal of her time in Logan Heights. As a child she had many medical problems and [...]

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06/14/17 Enrique Morones and Border Angels

Enrique Morones is the founder and director of Border Angeles He was born and raised in San Diego. His father was involved with Mexican Labor Unions in Mexico and came to San Diego to work in the Fish and Game of for Mexico. He joking brags that St Augustine is the Greatest High School , [...]

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06/07/17 Mary Salas: Latina Mayor

In San Diego county there is only one Latina Mayor. Mary Salas, who grew up in Chula Vista was elected Mayor in 2014. Another factor that makes Mary unique is that she is a fifth generation resident of Chula Vista. She is the first women to win an election with first being appointed. Mary discusses [...]

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05/31/17 Immigration and Deportation

There are two guest for this program, Mark Lane and Francisco Duarte. Mark has a long record of working with disenfranchised communities Franciscos' parents were recently arrested by ICE leaving his three siblings to live alone. On the day his parents were taken into custody he was awaken when his siblings came into his room [...]

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