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08/24/17 Meet Peter Greer, President / CEO of Hope International – Empowering Through Micro-Finance

I'm pleased and honored to announce that my guest on "The Enrichment Hour" for Thursday, August 24th is PETER GREER, President and CEO of HOPE International. As a Christian humanitarian organization, HOPE provides empowerment, micro-finance support and savings services to the poorest of the poor in developing countries, mainly families. It also offers spiritual guidance [...]

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Joanna Goodwin is passionate about empowering women to become effective leaders, especially peace builders, negotiators, and sustainers. She serves as president of both the Goodwin Foundation and the Middle East Peace Dialogue Network, focused on achieving a regional two state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is a member of J Street’s Board of Directors [...]

03/31/17 Thoughts on The Fed and Economics from Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin is a former renowned real estate developer, founder/chairman of The Middle East Peace Dialogue Network (MEPDN), strong advocate of alternative energy and climate change awareness, and founder of The Goodwin Foundation. Both MEPDN and Goodwin Foundation are ably run by his daughter Joanna Goodwin Friedman. The Foundation has supported more than 100 organizations [...]

03/23/17 Harnessing Intuition and Insight with Kelly Powers

My guest on THE ENRICHMENT HOUR for Thursday, March 23rd, is the great Intuitive, KELLY POWERS. Kelly Powers’ valuable insight and guidance has been sought by members of several White House administrations, members of the U.S. Congress, members of the Canadian parliament, as well as state cabinet members, artists and celebrities. Kelly’s remarkable work in [...]

03/16/17 American Entrepreneurial Couple Living in Mexico, Foster Healthy Mexican American Business Deals and Foster “Love and Peace” with Spiritual Website

An entrepreneurial couple - Americans living in Mexico - fostering healthy Mexican-American business deals (including retirement communities for American baby boomers) - and with a new ecumenical website advancing the idea of "love" and "peace" in the world Given the swirl of adverse news coming out of Mexico, here's a refreshing and bright story that [...]

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03/09/17 Interview with JACK SCHWAGER, financial maven (and my cousin)

On "The Enrichment Hour" this Thursday, March 9th, it will be my great pleasure and treat to interview my first cousin, Jack Schwager. Jack's father, Emil, and my father, Owen, were brothers. They were both born in Dortmund, Germany, and each escaped Nazi tyranny at different moments. But the one thing I vividly remember, as [...]

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DR. CLEVE STEVENS LIVE ON "THE ENRICHMENT HOUR" TODAY It's my pleasure to re-introduce a guest who's been with us before, and I'm delighted to say he's a friend - DR. CLEVE STEVENS. Cleve is a social ethicist and leadership development consultant. He is president of Los Angeles-based Owl Sight Intentions. He is the author [...]

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01/19/17 IAN FREEMAN ON CARING ABOUT CUSTOMERS: “It’s not about ME; it’s about THEM”

My guest this evening is IAN FREEMAN, CEO of The Freeman Group, based in Boca Raton, Florida, representing Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. He is a life member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, and a sought-after, nationally and internationally known speaker who gives motivational and informational presentations on the financial services industry. Ian is husband [...]

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09/22/16 Rolland Smith: TV News Broadcaster, Poet and Spiritual Journeyman

Rolland Smith is my guest on THE ENRICHMENT HOUR, for Thursday, September 22nd. Rolland has over 50 years of broadcast and television production experience. He is former news anchor for WCBS-TV in New York and at super station WWOR-TV in New York. As we will also discover, Rolland is also a poet and a deeply [...]

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08/04/16 Dr. Cleve Stevens, “The BEST In Us” – People Above Profits

PEOPLE ABOVE PROFITS LEADS TO MORE PROFITS! It's my pleasure to announce that my guest on "THE ENRICHMENT HOUR" on Thursday, August 4th is a past client and now friend, DR. CLEVE STEVENS, president of Owl Sight Intentions ( and author of the transformative book, "THE BEST IN US: People, Profit and the Remaking of [...]