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01/07/19 Don’t Let Uncontrolled Emotions Control You (Are you The Incredible Hulk in real life?)

When any extreme emotion completely overpowers you and makes you behave out of control, you need to take notice ! Experiencing emotions is the greatest attribute of our human existence. There are no "Positive" and "Negative" emotions. All types of emotions, in balance, allow us to experience life to it's fullest. But when any one [...]

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11/28/18 Emotional Turmoil in Youth – An Epidemic

We have all seen, heard or experienced the heart-wrenching situation of emotional turmoil among the youth. This has reached epidemic proportions. More and more young adults are labelled with conditions such Anxiety Disorder, Depression, OCD, ADDH and are dependent on therapy, counselling and medications. At a time when they should be experiencing the best years [...]

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11/21/18 Demystifying the Subconscious

For all those who have reached the end of the road when it comes to finding solutions to their broken physical, emotional, financial well being or relationships, Dr. Sonia offers hope. Get introduced to the unlocked power of the human Subconscious Mind that we all carry within us to resolve our life’s greatest challenges. Listen [...]

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