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09/14/17 What is Up with Mercury’s Retrograde?; Choices, Challenges, and Chances; Where and what is this higher power?

Soundoff #1 Mercury is in retrograde The dos and don'ts of mercury retrograde Fuck that planet! What Is Your WHAT Wednesday Choices, Challenges, and Chances Steve shares feedback from a reader of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do. The letter creates a discussion around whether it is [...]

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09/14/17 Reinventing Family Traditions – don Miguel Ruiz Jr

don Miguel Ruiz Jr 1... What's does 'don' mean? Following my family tradition that started with my grandmother Life teaches us through experiences 2... Pulling all nighters to cross the threshold What else can I do? My wife and the Four Agreements Sometimes the messenger is always there 3... The story of his autistic son [...]

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08/31/17 What is Burning Man?; What do you take with you when you die?; What is the Zello App All About?

Soundoff #2 Money fight analysis - Mayweather vs MacGregor How was Rich spending his $100? You can't always guarantee a win Steve's PSA on taking care of yourself What Is Your WHAT Wednesday What is Burning Man? Steve and the rest of the Reinvention Radio Crew discuss the fiesta in the desert known as Burning [...]

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08/31/17 Reinventing Your Passions

Soundoff #1 Hurricane Harvey and Acts of God Ins and outs of flood insurance Will the insurance companies pay in Houston? Karen Putz 1... She wasn't born deaf The rise and fall of a barefoot water skiing career Your mother is always right Only four known families with the gene 2... Returning to barefoot water [...]

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08/24/17 Where would you be if you came into money?; Civility Towards Others; Audience and Discoverability

Soundoff 2 Kelly pulls the trump card on extending guest time to second hour What would you do with $750 million Wade and his bucket loans Lottery winner stories, hookers, and cocaine What Is Your WHAT Wednesday Where would you be if you came into money? In light of the recent lottery winner, Steve and [...]

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08/24/17 Reinventing being a Bad Ass Assistant – Kelly Poelker

Soundoff #1 Mary's slow moving piano Where's the sun in San Diego? Kelly is in da house! Total eclipse experiences Kelly Poelker 1... Coolest weather and the badass button What is a Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant vs Badass Assistant We're not the cheap labor; you're renting my time 2... When is the right time to [...]

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08/17/17 Go Universal or Niche?; How do You Satisfy the Ache Inside; Getting Your Content Discovered by A.I.

Soundoff #2 Is the eclipse a big thing? Poke yourself in the eye with that! We rotate in a circle A lesson on the solar system Tweet this: "If the sun goes in front of the moon, we're fucked!" @RichardOtey What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday Create something universal... or niche? Steve tells of how his [...]

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08/17/17 Reinventing Your Voice – Per Bristow

Sound Off #1 The strange world we live in George W Bush is looking better The President's reaction to Charlottsville They came with the intent to be violent Per Bristow 1... Per is a variation of Peter The internet opened new roads From prodigy violinist to Rum Tum Tiger He is constantly evolving and reinventing [...]

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08/10/17 Reinventing Resilience – Izzy Ezagui

Soundoff #1 We sound off, for sure People who suck Let go of the jerky-ness Is it okay to fire a client? Izzy Ezagui 1... Volunteered at age 18 to join the Israeli Defense Forces Raised in the America in a Jewish home Even after losing a limb he wanted to return to combat 2... [...]

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08/03/17 Your WHAT Has Chosen You; Resilience Strengthens your Soul; Most people are doing Twitter wrong

Soundoff #2 Does Trump get impeached or stay the term? It's been 6 months already! Finding the most engagement on social media What Is Your WHAT Wednesday Your WHAT Has Chosen You In his book, What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do Steve points out that on the [...]

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