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03/16/17 Reinventing Business As Usual – Yanik Silver

Soundoff #1 Challenges in the WS Radio Studios New budget & distributing cuts All for me, nothing for you - Trump policy Kermit is out of a job and women minority business owners are hosed Yanik Silver 1... He came over from Russia with his dad at 3 years old What he did differently online [...]

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03/16/17 The Altar of Jack’s Cathedral ; A Story of the “Catholic Mary”

Soundoff #2 World Baseball Classic in San Diego Sports is the ticket out If Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., why do they have their own baseball team? Come support the U.S. What Is Your WHAT Wednesday? The Altar of Jack's Cathedral Steve explores Jack Welch's business strategies and how these strategies can apply [...]

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03/09/17 Reinventing Publishing with Jesse Krieger

Soundoff #1 Stephan Bonner put UFC on the map Wikileaks and the CIA Samsung is listening... to everything! Jesse Krieger 1... He started a record label at age 21 Letting his creativity and curiosity run wild He co-founded an SEO company, became an investment banker, and more All roads led to creating an author centric [...]

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03/09/17 Creating Your Pre-Sent Future; Recognizing the Soul of Your Gut

Soundoff #2 The best places to work according Forbes Undercover Boss What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday Your Pre-Sent Future Do you have the ability to create your own future? Steve sparks a poignant discussion about living in the moment and not allowing past experiences to blind you to what's happening right now. The Pre-Sent Future [...]

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02/23/17 Reinventing Prospecting for High Value Clients

Soundoff #1 NBA All Stars Make How Much Per Minute? Being the first child vs the second child The economic impact of high profile sports Distribution of wealth Russ Ruffino 1... Originally he wanted to be an actor Ended up a bartender for 10 years He woke up at 30 years old and then discovered [...]

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02/23/17 The Sufficiency Theory; Trust Yourself More; Less Is More

Soundoff #2 Reinvention Radio rabbit holes Shotgun target shooting How to get people to stay the course What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday The Sufficiency Theory Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not. Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. ~Epicurus Steve and [...]

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02/16/17 Self Actualization; Catabolic vs Anabolic Attitudes; Are Your Decisions Making You or Breaking You?

Soundoff #2 Race in America Isle of Mujeres residents are sly as a fox Look there's a gringa! When it goes from personal to systemic What Is Your WHAT? Self Actualization A review of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs leads us to a state of existence called Self-Actualization. Discussion among Steve and the RR Crew takes [...]

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02/16/17 Reinventing Your Mental Outlook with Kris “KC” Carter

Sound Off! 1 National Immigrant Day A Day Without A Mexican - the movie The indivisible movement We are all one people Kris "KC" Carter 1... He helps support businesses and individuals figure their stuff out This epic life is for his grandpa Anger was well accounted for in his family Rock star status, a [...]

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02/09/17 Reinventing LinkedIn with Josh Turner

Soundoff #1 A man's right to watch football Put your foot down early Steve, Richard, and Wade assess the Super Bowl Believe in yourself and eat celery Josh Turner 1... He joined LinkedIn in 2006 Reinvented once and plans to keep doing it The company folded -- what do I do now? 2... He used [...]

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02/02/17 The Four Stages of Learning; Willingness; Book Smarts vs Street Smarts

Soundoff #2 How do you get the pink pussy hat? Throw me in the boat and bring me back as an immigrant Blue Collar Millionnaires series B-List Celebrities living the high life What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday The Four Stages of Learning “A sensible man will remember that the eyes may be confused in two [...]

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